Will My License Plate Pass The New Massachusetts State Inspection?

Will My License Plate Pass The New Massachusetts State Inspection?

Starting on October 1, 2017, Massachusetts State Inspections are likely to get a whole lot more rigorous. That is because the state has mandated that all inspection shops install a new 5 camera system to ensure that inspections are performed to the highest standards.

The 5 camera system includes 1 video wall mounted camera, 2 still wall mounted cameras, 1 handheld camera and 1 workstation mounted. All inspection stations were required to pay $5,000 to $10,000 out of pocket to upgrade their facilities in preparation for this upcoming change.

This new MA State Inspection system is of concern to Massachusetts drivers who are holding on to their old green MA plates. With the loving, omnipresent eye of the state overseeing the new inspection process, it is likely that many drivers will have to upgrade their license plates.

What Are The Massachusetts Rules On License Plate Legibility

Under the safety inspection laws, Massachusetts license plates are required to be legible from at least 60 feet away. If you have a green or red license plate that has lost its reflective coating or can no longer be read you are required to upgrade.

Drivers with plates that are not legible will not be able to pass annual safety inspections and could potentially be cited by state law enforcement.

The MA State RMV is encouraging drivers to swap out their old green plates for new red plates free of charge. While drivers with green plates are allowed to have a single plate, drivers with red plates must have 2 plates on their vehicles.

To swap your plate, all you need to do is bring an executed RMV-3 Form filled out by your insurance agent down to your local RMV Service Center.

There are also some companies that offer license plate refurbishing. For example, we recently came across House of Joyful Noise which seems to have many satisfied customers. Check out their website.

To learn more Check out the Massachusetts RMV website or call them at 617-351-4500. But the best advice that we can give everyone is do not delay. Give yourself plenty of leeway for your next state inspection

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